The Firm

Our firm is construed in accordance with the aim to conciliate the rigor in the organization, the high quality of our services, and a human-sized approach, with an important added-value, which allows a real implication aside the clients (in the clients affairs).

We combine cross-border experience with local law expertise to deliver what our clients require.

We work on complex national and multi-jurisdictional transactions, help our clients to resolve their most difficult disputes.

The said approach allows us to deliver an advice which anticipates the litigating process: we are the counsels as well as the defenders of our clients.

We are also dedicated to providing legal advice and services of the highest standard by adopting a flexible and responsive attitude with our clients.

Our reasonable size allows us to build and maintain close and long-standing relations with our clients and to deliver a personalized service to them.

Better than any other big firm, we are able to anticipate their needs.

We advise, we assist, we represent, we prepare deeds, and we plead.

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